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October Issue 2003

The Art Garage in Columbia, SC, Features Exhibit and Silent Auction of Sacred Art

The exhibition, Sacred Art, will open at The Art Garage in Columbia, SC, on Oct. 4, 2003. A silent auction of the exhibit begins at 7pm and ends at 9:30pm. The show will continue on view through Oct 17, 2003.

In an effort to continually offer a fresh perspective on non-traditional content and/or non-traditional format artwork, we are proud to announce that Kim LeMasters, a local artist, has served as guest curator for this show.

The Art Garage has long wanted to offer a showing of sacred art but the timing has never been quite right. Mindful of the possibility of work that many would consider sacrilegious, we did not want to open the show around a religious holiday such as Christmas or Easter. At last we feel both the timing and available work justified presenting Sacred Art.

The exhibit will include works by: Heidi-Darr Hope (SC), Jennifer Stephens (SC), Luis Garcia Nerey (GA), Gene Clampitt (VA), Lynne Burgess (SC), and others.

Lynne Burgess will offer 8 works for Sacred Art, one of which is warhol cross. She says, "I am moved by the shape and the concept of the cross. I am drawn to its form and proportions. For me, the cross carries a strong emotional charge of significant order. Despite its obvious signatory capacities, I believe the cross can function as a self evident hieroglyph. I have attempted to free the cross from its traditional position as a loaded iconographical symbol and have it function not so much as a religious representation, but rather as a spiritual one."

Luis Garcia Nerey will be exhibiting five works, one of which is Ofrenda Espiritual. Nerey says, "The images I produce invite the audience to participate in my own interpretation of my Latin upbringing. I use vibrant colors, yet mute areas of my paintings with a variety of stains to saturate the colors and bring out the intensity and passion of each painting. I was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico to Cuban parents. I was educated in the states yet I never left my countries in spirit. In addition to the strong colors, I add a dimensional feel to each painting by including objects that are mounted into and onto each piece. Creating a three-dimensional feel to each painting. All if not most of my paintings are on panels with a variety of different symbols mounted on them. The symbols vary in definition, yet stay with an over all theme of religion, politics and cultural exploration. My goal is to involve the viewer in a dimensional experience as a metaphor for time and culture."

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