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October Issue 2003

Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, Features Work by Richard Niles

The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, will feature the work of Richard Niles in the Center's Catwalk Gallery from Oct 3 - 30, 2003. The presentation of Niles' work will coincide with the center's upcoming exhibition, Man Ray, Confluences and Influences, which opens on Oct. 3 in the Martin and Doris Rosen Galleries, with a closing date of Dec. 13, 2003.

Richard (Dick) Niles describes his art, whimsically, as "Cosmoscience" quasi-organic and somewhat surreal, reflecting a fascination for inner and outer space and the ubiquitous combination of nature's exquisite structures and far-out quantum weirdness. His "DNA" signature stands not only for deoxyribonucleic acid!- but for Dick Niles Art.

But, apart from this heavy high-minded stuff he just simply has a lot of fun just playing around - starting always with purposeful randomness, and always first with black indelible ink. He adds the colors with pens designed primarily for dyeing textiles. He and his art are always "in process."

Art juror Salty Miller of Charlotte, NC, refers to Niles' work as "a fantasy world of suspended time where we want to let our minds wonder and dream. The sensitivity of line reminds me of Klee and Miro, and what we can express through symbols. The artist continues to see things differently but passionately about subject and process. I enjoyed your journey."

Niles' fascination for the biologically-based forms in his artwork derives from his background and love of science. He graduated from St. Lawrence University with a BS Magna Cum Laude, and was a Phi Beta Kappa member. He continued his studies entering a Ph.D. doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Boston University. It was through these studies that his attraction for life-forms in his art has its roots.

Niles is a master of pen and ink, with each stroke carefully and purposefully placed, giving each piece of his artwork added dimension and depth. His sparse use of strong colors makes each work striking to the eye. The intricacies he places within each work causes one to pause, admire and smite. His passion for art and his love of science and nature are evident in each work as well.

As many times as you look at his work, you will see something more-for Nites capacity to simplify complex line work into cohesive, flowing simplicity of form is unmatched. He creates whimsical lines and forms, mixes them with life-forms and objects and transcends the meaning of pen and ink with each piece he creates- each one different and with different meaning, but all with a definite purpose and statement.

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