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October Issue 2003

Gallery on 8th in Myrtle Beach, SC, Features Works by Calvin Blassingame

Gallery on 8th in Myrtle Beach, SC, has announced that artist, Calvin Blassingame, will be the next featured artist to display works at the gallery. Blassingame will be exhibiting his pen and ink works through Mar. 10, 2004. He joins an impressive and talented cast of artists currently exhibiting at Gallery on 8th.

Blassingame, originally from Greenville, SC, has lived and worked in the Myrtle Beach area for over 10 years. During that time he has established himself as a noted artist in the surrounding areas.

Blassingame's current collected works include sensual interpretations of the human form, jazz selections, afro-gospel selections and depictions of life in the African American church. Blassingame uses a pure and polished style of pen and ink and creates pieces that are extensions of previous works.

Blassingame has recently launched The Roundtable Art Group a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of local artists. Although in a fledgling stage, Blassingame has big plans for The Roundtable Art Group and is optimistic by the interest shown in this newly formed group. If you would like more information regarding this organization please e-mail to (calvin@roundtablegroup.org).

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/429-0018 or e-mail at (galleryon8th@cccmg.com).

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