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October Issue 2003

Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC, Offers Group Exhibition

In Asheville, NC, from Oct. 10 through Nov. 10, 2003, three of Grovewood Gallery's long-standing studio artists will be exhibiting for what should be a very interesting show. The exhibit will feature the jewelry and mixed media work of Thomas Reardon and Kathleen Doyle, and the laminated and etched glass of Carl Powell.

The partnership of Reardon and Doyle goes beyond their work as Portfolio Metalwork. They are husband and wife, and their collaboration for 25+ years produces jewelry and art objects of every conceivable size and form. They use mixed-metals to express specific themes, create or re-create landscapes and architectural renderings of homes as well as use semiprecious stones and gold to create exquisite rings and pendants. Reardon and Doyle often craft individual pieces for clients or remount and rework precious family heirlooms. The exhibit will include larger wall sculptures which employ the same methods and materials as their jewelry, yet produce layers of architectural and 3-dimensional forms framed by flat graphic shapes. In addition to conventional materials, they sometimes use concrete and wood to achieve the desired results. Sketches, watercolor and paper, used to create conceptual models that are the basis for finished jewelry will also ornament the walls.

Joining them will be 4-year resident studio artist Carl Powell, who has recently moved into a larger studio here at Grovewood which offers him more space, even a little extra for the display of finished glass sculpture and works in progress. Powell is known for his 30-year contribution to the Art Glass Movement and for pushing boundaries with his work. He is also known for his stained glass commissions that incorporate beveled prisms hinting to a third dimension. This exhibit will showcase his most recent etched laminated glass sculptures. These are made with multiple pieces of clear and colored glass etched with designs which evoke petroglyphs and mysterious symbols. The glass is stacked and laminated, then smoothed into totem and architectural shapes. He combines some with concrete and metal, which adds sculptural form, framework and solidity to the fragile glass. These translucent, bold, and intriguing sculptures are exciting works of art.

We at Grovewood feel lucky to have such talented artists who work beside us, and we would like to share some of their inspirational craft with you.

For more information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/253-7651, or on the web at (www.grovewood.com).

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