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October Issue 2003

Art Leagues of Henderson County in Hendersonville, NC, Features Works by Parrish Rhodes and Gloria Affenit.

Works by Parrish Rhodes and Gloria Affenit will be presented in the Grace Etheredge Room at Opportunity House in Hendersonville, NC. The exhibition sponsored by the Art Leagues of Henderson County will be on view from Oct. 3 - 30, 2003.

Rhodes, now an Asheville, NC, resident, taught herself to paint in the mid-1980's to express her delight at living on the Isle of Wight, a small Victorian-style island off the coast of England. She became well known for the success of classes she taught in "right brain" drawing, basic watercolor, and experimental watercolor. Rhodes firmly believes that Betty Edward's' "right brain" approach should be learned and taught by all elementary school teachers so that children will grow up with creativity as an integral part of their consciousness.

Rhodes' own work reflects her deep love of color, her keen observation of the world around her, and her ability to paint in multiple styles.

Gloria Affenit's work also demonstrates her mastery of varied styles and media : watercolor, acrylic, and collage. Her style can be contemporary, representational, non-objective, or "anything in between". She states "I paint to express beauty as I see it. Flowers have always been my first love; however, I enjoy painting fruits and vegetables as well, often in an abstract manner".  A Weaverville, NC, resident, Affenit studied at Miami Dade and Brevard Community Colleges, and at UNC-Asheville. Her work hangs in several collections, both private and corporate, ranging from Greenwich Village, NYC to the Country Club of Asheville and the late Ted Williams'.

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