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October Issue 2003

Tryon Fine Arts Center in Tryon, NC, Features Works by Jim Taylor

Tryon Painters and Sculptors are presenting an exhibit of paintings and wood works by Jim Taylor at the Tryon Fine Arts Center in Tryon, NC. The exhibit will be on view through Nov. 4, 2003.

Taylor was born and reared in Spartanburg, SC. After a tour of duty in the Navy, he pursued his artistic talents at the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg. A fascination with the pointillism style of Georges Seurat in the 1800's, led Taylor to develop his own more vibrant and expressive style of pointillism. Much of his subject matter consists of scenes of Spartanburg, some of which are vignettes of homes from historic Hampton Heights, which are usually portrayed in a more distinctive abstract style. The medium that is used might be permanent marker, watercolors, colored pencil, or ink, depending on the artist's mood. According to the artist, "I try to conquer one medium and then move on to another." 

In addition to his paintings, Taylor also works with wood - from rescued wooden pallets found along the wayside to old wooden toys and trains - he brings them to life. His love of moon watching led him to devise a more stable set of adjustable tripod legs for his telescope. This then led to the creation of lamps and tables with this new and unique style of adjustable tripod legs. Oak, maple, and pine are used in his wood art on which hours are spent building and sanding so that the surface has a rich finish.

Taylor has also been perfecting his skills as a photographer and experiments daily with digital photography. His love of photography and his interest in astronomy have been combined, and he can often be seen at night experimenting with moon shots or photos of some far away nebula.

Taylor has exhibited at many local shows in the Spartanburg area and has won numerous awards. Most of his work is in private collections in South Carolina, and his works are sold at the Spartanburg Art Center.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 828/859-8322 or at (www.tryontfac.org).

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