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October Issue 2010

Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, Features Exhibit Based on Angels

Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, will present, The Angel Show, featuring works by artists who use angels as subject matter in their work on a regular basis. The exhibition which includes works by Phillip Chan, Jeff Kopish, Janet Kozachek, Susie Miller Simon, Eric Longo, Susan Lenz, Aggie Zed, and Michael Farrar, will be on view from Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, 2010.

Phillip Chan is a painter and writer from Akron, OH, who uses oil sticks and metallic paints to create encrusted paintings that address the transformation of the human spirit and angels that "point the way" for earthbound entities. Charleston artist Jeff Kopish uses bits of cast-off metal and found objects to sculpt his angels. These sculptures are both playful and serious, and Liu says that they give the viewer a "small burst of joy."

The exhibition includes work on paper and mosaics by Orangeburg, SC, resident Janet Kozachek. Her paper works feature abstracted forms in acrylics and other materials, while her mosaics address the theme of the annunciation. Susie Miller Simon, who lives in Evergreen, CO, also has works in two media in the exhibition. She uses line drawings with watercolor washes to develop one series of playful images, while the second group of paintings on canvas has an ephemeral quality that is appropriate for the exhibition's subject.

Beaufort, SC, artist Eric Longo finds his "canvas" in odd pieces of wood and metal. His angels float in imaginary landscapes and divorce themselves from this material realm. A series of "angels in mourning" by Columbia, SC, artist Susan Lenz derive from funerary art. Lenz uses a combination of photo transfers, found objects, and stitching to create these intriguing pieces.

Aggie Zed, a native of Sullivans Island, SC, who now lives in Virginia, uses found objects to make figures to which she refers as "conglomerate angels." She also has described them as "fools' angels" to emphasize that they fall short of our traditional view of those creatures who figure so prominently in our minds as messengers and protectors. Combining old pieces of tin, siding, and wire with new elements in porcelain, Zed assigns these decidedly non-heavenly beings a quality that seems to yearn for flight while not quite giving them the proper tools/skills for that activity.

Michael Farrar lives in Clifton Forge, VA. His figurative work has a biting edge that blurs the lines between humor, satire, and pathos. The painting that he includes in this exhibition falls within that very personal artistic vision.

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