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October Issue 2010

Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Rod Wimer, Linda Luise Brown, and Michael Watson

Fusion, an exhibition featuring abstract and mixed media collage interpretations of landscape, figurative, and still life compositions by three Charlotte artists, Rod Wimer, Linda Luise Brown, and Michael Watson, will be on view at Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC, from Oct. 1 - 30, 2010.

Although each artist has their own distinct style, there is an important element they all share: the ability to effectively use color as a means of non-verbal communication. Through these vibrant compositions, filled with bold color, the artists capture the observer's attention, making that essential personal connection with the viewer, and in so doing, evoking an authentic emotional response.

Rod Wimer finds inspiration in a wide range of subject matter - landscapes, contemporary figurative, wildlife, botanicals, and of course, abstracts. He continues to explore all types of media, from watercolor and oil/acrylic, to colored pencil, pen & ink and oil pastel. His abstracts on canvas are a combination of these media, with the addition of the infusion of collage.

Wimer's work is in private and corporate collections across the continental US, as well as Hawaii, Canada, France, The Netherlands, and Great Britain.

Linda Luise Brown is a painter, writer, and teacher, with over twenty-five years experience as a professional artist. Her list of national and regional exhibitions is extensive, with work in collections across the nation, including Bank of America, the Federal Reserve Bank, and IBM.

Color is the motivating force behind Brown's work. She composes her non-representational work by juxtaposing fields of color, shapes, and textures. Brown allows the natural properties of oil painting to build slowly in layers of oil glazes and transparencies; then, keeping the chroma as fresh and pure as possible, the artist lets chance permeate the work as she seeks a balance between order and serendipity.

Michael Watson describes his artistic vision as seeking, "to alter the perception of the viewer so they can see the world in a different way and grow from the experience." He works primarily in acrylic, but does infuse ink, charcoal, and paper into his canvases as needed to create subtle changes in texture, value and color.

Watson graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a BS in Fashion/Textile Design. He studied under fiber artist and graduate of the Paris Design School, Dr. Robert Hillestad, selected as one of the top 100 designers in the US by I.D. magazine, 2004. As a student, Watson initially focused on wearable art and large-scale silk-screen pieces. After graduation, he worked in numerous areas of the art world: visual merchandising, set design, fashion shows, even writing and performing one-man art and poetry shows.

Watson moved to Charlotte in June 2000 and he now concentrates on fine art painting. His work continues to be purchased by collectors both nationally and internationally.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/333-4535 or visit (www.providencegallery.net).

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