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October 2011

Eye Level Art in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Kevin Morrissey, Trever Webster, Seth Corts, & Keith Huie

Eye Level Art in Charleston, SC, will present the exhibit, Script & Scrimshaw, featuring works by Kevin Morrissey, Trever Webster, Seth Corts, and Keith Huie, on view from Oct. 7 through Nov. 1, 2011. A reception will be held on Oct. 7, from 7-11pm.

Four artists: Kevin Morrissey, Trever Webster, Seth Corts, and Keith Huie, all celebrate the role words and text can play in art. For centuries the use of text, and typography have been used to convey ideas and communicate.

Scrimshaw was born by artistic sea travelers who would scribe on any surface available. These usually consisted of whale teeth and walrus tusks, as well as highly intricate black and white illustrations.

These four artists have been incorporating letters and numbers in their art since they picked up a pencil. They stress the patterns text can create and the vast interpretations that can be made by a single word or a cleverly composed sentence.

Collectively the artists will be showcasing illustrations, acrylic paintings, murals and a variety of stenciling and printmaking techniques. The surfaces used are as important as the medium to these artists. This event will unveil bodies of unique work destined to remain on the brain.

Keith Huie uses materials he finds. The bigger the better, colorful doors and windows are common for him. His work includes whimsical poetry with a slightly twisted reality. Huie will be making his South Carolina debut in Script & Scrimshaw. The author, illustrator, and painter has been living and showing his work in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Seth Corts is a very talented illustrator who’s collectible work can be seen in many Charleston homes. Intricate line-work and attention to detail create dazzling patterns and striking imagery. He continues to push the envelope and evolve within his unique and meticulous style. His work and his words are guaranteed to evoke emotions.

Trever Webster involves patterns with a subconscious balance with his work. His number laden panels and Rorschach influenced monotypes compliment his deliberately eerie watercolors. His work engages feelings of deep meaning that can only be figured out by each individual’s personal code. He currently lives in Charleston.

Kevin Morrissey carefully constructs and deconstructs his surfaces to remind viewers of the agricultural presence that dominated the south. Bright and striking graphics with an old time typography make his large scale works guaranteed to conjure nostalgic memories of billboards and country store facades. He currently lives in Charleston.

In the spirit of the changing seasons these gentlemen have created their work with Halloween in mind. Among other ‘spooky’ subject matter the artists have collaborated on an ‘exquisite corpse’, an exercise that gained popularity in the early 1900’s by surrealist artists. This will be unveiled the evening of the reception. It is a single piece that rotates to each artist with only minor details visible. Collectively they apply their own subject matter to the composition.

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