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October 2011

Hilton Head Library on Hilton Head Island, SC, Features Works by Les Bonnes Artistes Group

A Burst of Color comes to the Corridor Gallery at the Hilton Head Library on Hilton Head Island, SC, beginning on Oct. 4 and continues through Dec. 23, 2011. Eleven artists, known as Les Bonnes Artistes, will be displaying their colorful collection of paintings in a variety of media, subjects and sizes.

Les Bonnes Artistes group was formed by Doris Shay a few years ago and has presented its work in numerous venues over the years. All of the artists are well known in the community, with many of them exhibiting their work in local galleries on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton, SC. All are also members of the Art League of Hilton Head. They include: Joanna Chalson, Annie Coughlin, Doris Shay, Jo Dye, Evie Kowtko, Joyce Nagel, Bobsy Simes, Barbara Spencer, Faye Willis, Dorothy Steelman and Irene K. Williamson. The group meets monthly to follow the progress of its members and inspire them to seek out new subjects and hone their skills.

A number of the artists are teachers at the Art League’s Art Academy on Cordillo Parkway on Hilton Head Island. Joyce Nagel shares her knowledge of the use of pastels, and Joanna Chalson is an expert in printmaking.

Though some artists have decided to express their burst of color by painting clusters of colorful flowers, like Dorothy Steelman’s Hydrangeas, other artists have chosen abstract themes done in complex collage patterns. Jo Dye’s Apartmental is a good example of creative mixed media.

Annie Coughlin’s watercolor painting titled Squire Pope Barber Shop, is a colorful rendering of a quaint local scene. This plein air painting captures the ambience of the shop that is a well-known landmark and is part of the history of the island.

The paintings that comprise this show shout with excitement to catch your eye, but promise to not disturb the library’s quiet readers. Irene K. Williamson’s Work in Progress, is an abstract acrylic painting with some collage elements. Utilizing a piece of copper flashing from her roof and depicting a hand holding a fist-full of nails talks to the craftsmanship of an ongoing project. Her parrot collage offers a silent “Hello.”

From the simplicity of Joyce Nagel’s oil painting titled Bird of Paradise, to the autumn landscape done in oils by Barbara Spencer, there’s a visual experience waiting for you. Just stop to view the paintings in the Corridor Gallery.

For info check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Library at 843/255-6500 or Irene K. Williamson at 843/689-5088.

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