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October 2013

Anastasia & Friends Gallery in Columbia, SC, Features Works by Letitia “Tish” Lowe

Anastasia & Friends Gallery in Columbia, SC, will present an exhibition of portrait, still life and figurative oil paintings in the classic realist style by award-winning American artist, Letitia “Tish” Lowe, on view from Oct. 3 - 31, 2013. A reception will be held on Oct. 3, from 6-9pm.

“My name, Letitia, derives from the Latin word, laetitia and translates in Italian to Letizia. As an Italian friend once explained, Letizia means “glorious joy like that of the angels!”, says Lowe.

“Letizia! That’s what I feel when painting!,” adds Lowe. “That’s what I feel when I see the incredible colors of the world: brilliant red tomatoes; tangy golden lemons; rich purple, lavender and pink dark skins; delicate green, blue and orange light skins. Letizia is what I feel when creating on canvas the contrasting textures of sleek pottery and rough boards, dripping candles and velvety rose petals, cool marble and dry, flaky garlic cloves. It’s what I feel as I marvel at the miraculous anatomy beneath the lumps, bumps, curves and kinks of the human figure. What incredible diversity God has granted us to stimulate the imagination, if only we stop to see and appreciate it!”

Lowe also says, “I am a contemporary realist. What you see on canvas is recognizable as an object or person. That being said, I hope that you will see in my work more than a copy of nature or objects made by human hands. In creating a portrait or a painting I try to reflect something deeper, something spiritual, something which connects us to each other and to God, a zest for life pulsating with energy, beauty, vitality, and the peace that is always available if we take the time to be still and listen to the voice within.”

Tish Lowe is an award-winning artist whose work is represented in museum and private collections in Europe, Canada, and the USA. She captured the Chairman’s Choice Award for her still life, “The Pram,” at the International 2007 ARC Salon, competing with over 1600 entries, and won Best of Show for her “Portrait of a Young Woman” in a citywide competition in Florence, Italy. Lowe took an Award of Merit for her painting “Spanish Bowl” at the 2011 South Carolina State Fair, participated in 2012 by invitation in an international still life exhibition in Leipzig, Germany, and in a juried exhibition at McKissick Museum in Columbia, SC, also by invitation, in 2013. Her portrait, “The Shoe Groom,” was selected for the 2013 ArtFields regional competition and exhibition in Lake City, SC.

After completing five years of training in classic painting techniques, a solo exhibition in Florence, Italy, and several commissioned portraits of prominent Italians, in 2009, Lowe moved from Italy to Columbia, SC, to be near family. In 2010 she opened a studio in the historic Arcade Building on Main Street in the heart of the city. Specializing in portrait, figurative, and still life oil paintings, she quickly became recognized for her rich brushwork and classic technique. Lowe recently executed the official portrait of former President Charles F. Teague of Spartanburg Methodist College in Spartanburg, SC (SMC) and has been commissioned to paint the portrait of Dr. Edgar H. Ellis for SMC’s new academic building, Ellis Hall. A highly respected workshop leader, Lowe gladly shares her knowledge of classic painting methods and in 2013 conducted a two-week course at Columbia Museum of Art on “Painting in the Style of the Old Masters” that was very well received.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call Anastasia Chernoff at 803/665-6902 or e-mail to (anastasiachernoff@gmail.com).

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