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October 2013

Claymakers Gallery in Durham, NC, Offers Exhibit of Beer Steins

Claymakers Gallery in Durham, NC, will present Steinzeugkrug, which features beer steins made by nationally recognized ceramics artists from across the US and Canada, on view from Oct. 4 through Nov. 16, 2013. A reception will be held on Oct. 4, from 6-9pm.

Curated by Gillian Parke, this is the first exhibit of its kind, the first to reach such a large scope of artists and showcase this particular form, and it will feature the work of over 65 different ceramic artists.

Beer lovers are familiar with the no-foolin’ stein, a hefty tankard traditionally made to hold a half liter, or even a full liter, of a favorite, frothy brew. “Stein” is a German and Norwegian word meaning stone, but these oversize cups most often are made from clay, glass, or metal. They are usually a practical shape, with wide feet to prevent spills; some are lidded, a feature added in the 15th century, perhaps to comply with hygiene laws. Modern interpretations of the stein span many different styles, materials, and methods. From kitsch to classical to nouveau, formal to informal, “Steinzeugkrug” showcases a diverse group of ceramic artists.

Participating artists include: Jennifer Allen, Nicole Aquillano, Patty Bilbro, Karl Borgeson, Jessica Brandl, Kyle Carpenter, Rob Cartelli, Linda Christianson, Mark Cole, Maria Dondero, Doug Dotson, Sanam Emani, Charlie Evergreen, Becca Floyd, Bruce Gholson, Martha Grover, Julie Guyot, Arthur Halvorsen, Deborah Harris, Lana Heckendorn, Samantha Henneke, Autumn Higgins, Warner Hyde, Mike Jabbur, Cathi Jefferson, Matt Kelleher, Michael Kilne, Laura Korch, Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Shaunna Lyons, Alex Matisse, Michael McCarthy, Ryan McKerley, Jennifer Mecca, Steve Murphy, Connie Norman, Kelly O’Briant, Julie Olson, Marsha Owen, Elizabeth Paley, Eric Pardue, Gillian Parke, Anne Partna & Adam Landham, Ronan Kyle Peterson, Ron Philbeck, Teresa Pietsch, Seth Rainville, Dow Redcorn, Scott Roberts, Lindsey Rogers, Justin Rothshank, Joseph Sand, Amy Sanders, Amy Santoferraro, Eric Serritella, Rusty Sieck, Gay Smith, Stacey Stanhope, Jennifer Stas, Brian Taylor, Sam Taylor, Charlie Tefft, and Evelyn Ward.

Claymakers is a non-profit educational arts organization that sustains a thriving community of artists, students, and teachers and fosters enthusiasm for the ceramic arts through classes, workshops, exhibits, special events, and access to facilities and materials. Claymakers Gallery specializes in contemporary studio pottery and ceramic art.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call Analia Howard at 919/530-8355 or visit (www.claymakers.org).

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