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October 2013

Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC, Offers Exhibit of Tapestries

The Folk Art Center of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild in Asheville, NC, is presenting Tapestry Weavers South Exhibition: the Beat Goes On, on view in the Main Gallery through Jan. 12, 2014.

Tapestry Weavers South is an organization dedicated to advancing the art and craft of tapestry weaving.

In 1996 eighteen people interested in Tapestry attended a retreat in Dahlonega, GA, that became the initial meeting for a regional organization of tapestry weavers. From that meeting Tapestry Weavers South (TWS) was formed.

TWS supports the goals of the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA), a national organization. Our membership includes tapestry weavers of all skill levels, primarily in the southeastern states. However, membership in TWS is open to all individuals with an interest in tapestry.

Exhibiting artists include: Sandy Adair, Sue Parker Bassett, Catherine Beckman, Terri Bryson, Helene Cri-Wiesner, Ann Doherty, Nancy Dugger, Bonnie Eadie, Nancy Garretson, Genie A. Greenlaw, Joan Griffin, Gail Tierney Griffith, Louise Halsey, Janet Hasse, Janet E.S. Hart, Betty Hilton-Nash, Susan Iverson, Connie Lippert, Lynn Mayne, Cheryl Migliarini, Sidsel Moreb, John G. Nicholson, Dinah Rose, Jennifer Sargent, Tommye Scanlin, Sue P. Schwarz, Karen R. Shobe, Rosemary Smith, Becky Stevens, Linda Weghorst, Holly Wilkes, Pat Williams, and Joann Wilson.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listing, call the Center at 828/298-7928 or visit (www.southernhighlandguild.org).

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