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October 2013

Jonas Gerard Fine Art in Asheville, NC, Offers Works by Jonas Gerard

Jonas Gerard Fine Art in Asheville, NC, will present Confluence: A New Show, featuring new works by Jonas Gerard, on view from Oct. 12 through Nov. 11, 2013. A reception and live painting demo will be held on Oct. 12, from 2 - 3:30pm.

Confluence: noun, a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point, the flowing together of two or more rivers or streams

When multiple currents of creativity move in the same direction, their meeting point becomes a nexus from which something greater flows. For some time now two such currents have been gathering in Gerard’s artistic headwaters: the urge to create very large paintings and the desire to further explore flow painting.

Large canvases are where Gerard’s creative spirit soars best. Reminiscent of his early days as a dancer, his abstract, gestural style is in peak form when his brush has plenty of space to roam, not confined by the canvas’ edge.

The other creative current propelling him has been a call to return to the flow painting techniques he first explored in his 2011 FLUID POETRY show. Working with fluid acrylics takes him deeper than ever into his philosophy of “letting go”. Forgoing expectations and control, he allows the colors to find their own paths, and the art that emerges is imbued with that spirit of flowing freedom.

With this show we celebrate the Confluence of these two powerful currents. When flow painting meets large canvases, the spirit of freedom is given the space to be free. This liberty has re-energized and refined Gerard’s work in all sizes. Small and mid-sized works will be on display alongside the larger paintings whose creation was their inspiration.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/350-7711 or visit (www.jonasgerard.com).

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