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October 2013

Real Estate Studio in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Hampton Olfus and Hank Herring

The Real Estate Studio in Charleston, SC, is presenting Reflections and Gestures, featuring works by Hampton Olfus and Hank Herring, on view through Nov. 5, 2013. A reception will be held on Oct. 4, from 6-9pm.

Born a Washingtonian, Hampton R. Olfus, Jr. creates works of art that are direct links to African, Native American and European styles. Olfus works in a variety of mediums, the pieces are very detailed and in many cases, reminiscent of fine sculpture. He started drawing at the age of three and was encouraged by his mother Gloria E. Olfus, who purchased his first oil painting set, when he was eleven years old.

Art is an integral part of Olfus’ life by way of expression, vision, education and communication. It reflects his formal training and personal studies. In the words of Olfus says, “Let art be art, fresh and new, no egos or selfish wants just the artist pure spirit.”

Olfus says, “Each artist has a vision or personal statement for his or her artistic journey. My artistic vision is to be as true, to those who love art, as I am to my artistic self. I attempt to transfer the energy of discovery and awe, from the studio to the exhibit space. I also would like to make the gallery owners happy without the artwork becoming predictable. To acquire the artistic wisdom of the masters, and remain as fearless as a child, with a box of crayons staring at a blank wall is my quest.”

Hank Herring was born in Rose Hill, NC, in 1956. He learned about art at an early age from watching and being instructed by artistic family members. His grandfathers, one a carpenter by trade, made walking canes. The other, a farmer, whittled. Herring learned about colors and patterns watching his grandmothers and mother sew quilts. He taught himself to draw and paint after receiving a gift of art supplies from his uncle, who inspired Herring to pursue his artistic development.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/722-5618 or e-mail to (ssthilaire@dunesproperties.com).

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