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October 2013

Toe River Arts Council in Burnsville, NC, Features Works by Members of BRAG

The Toe River Arts Council in Burnsville, NC, is presenting Made to Measure, featuring over 35 paintings and drawings by members of the Blue Ridge Fine Arts Guild (BRAG), where no canvas measures over 192 square inches, on view in the Burnsville Gallery through Oct. 12, 2013.

BRAG began five years ago in response to the need to share - a passion for 2-dimensional art from photography, to pen and ink, to painting in all media. Folks from Mitchell and Yancey Counties meet monthly, invite professionals to speak to their art, their technique, and the art of making a living off their art. Today, they have over 40 members - the only requisite is their love of their art and the joy of putting it down for all to see. Any 2-dimensional artist is welcome to join and participate.

Members have ranged in age from 13 to some artists who stopped having birthdays decades ago. They’ve been here all their lives or just moved to the area. No matter the reason - the mountains and valleys, creeks and rivers, the fawn in the woods or goat in the pasture or other like-minded folks - the artists call this area home and find all that it offers perfect 2-dimensional subjects.

A perfect example is Kathleen Deasy who moved to Mitchell County in 2012 just to be in an arts supportive environment. Like so many other artists, art for Deasy “has always been about change and exploration.”

Made to Measure is a small exhibit of large talent in a small space. The sizes are restricted, but the themes expansive - perhaps a pear on a plate, a black bird on a branch - from land and waterscapes, animals, portraits and still life. Where some artists may chose an old shoe, laces untied, leather worn as a theme, Sandra Gates, founder and current president of BRAG prefers plein air painting in the open air.

“Views of these mountains change each minute - inspiration of the moment,” says Kathleen Turczyn. “Nothing is off my to-paint list or my how-to-paint list…and everything is a challenge.”

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Council at 828/682-7215 or visit (www.toeriverarts.org).

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