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October 2013

Transylvania Community Arts Council in Brevard, NC, Offers Collaborative Art

The Transylvania Community Arts Council in Brevard, NC, is presenting A Collaborative Exhibit, featuring works where two or more artist working together have created new artwork, on view through Oct. 11, 2013.

Tammy Hopkins, executive director of the TC Arts Council said, “It has been a lot of fun to watch artists growing and challenging themselves by working outside of their norm.”

Erin Keane, member of Number 7 Arts, collaborated with several local artists to create new pieces of artwork. She said, “Working with other artists was inspiring and invigorating. The innovation, brainstorming, problem solving, and researching required for our projects expanded my creativity and knowledge base, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these artists on a new level. Our collaborations stretched me in different directions and there are already spin-off projects in the works. Put two artists together and you get triple, quadruple the amount of ideas!”

Artists who have collaborated together for this exhibit include: Ann DerGara & Sue Hershey; Kato & Fred Guggenheim; Sue Grier & Erin Keane; John Hilliard & Jill Cutler; Sue Hershey & Erin Keane; Patricia Dennis & Andrea Brewer; Cynthia McCarty & Linda Lube`; Jean Frederick & Patricia Dennis; Michael McDermott & Ben Duffy; Carol Duin & Cathy Handzo; Caroline Trickey & Patricia Dennis; Members of The Laurel Chapter, EGA – The Embroiderers’ Guild of America: Peggy O’Connor, Cathie Barker, Marlene Elrod, Glenda Herman, Rosemary Kostansek, Sue Osterberg, Janet Stewart, Mary Ann Wyatt, Brenda Decker, Kathryn Danahy, Pat Greene, Dianne Purnell, Carol Rawson, Jane Sugawara, and Sandy Washington; and Transylvania Vocational Services - Eddie Brown, John Marshall, Jason Buckner, John Watson, Tim Garber, Evan Connolly, Charlie Grosvenor, Melody Jackson, David Hermann, and Jewell Stutzman.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Council at 828/884-2787 or visit (www.artsofbrevard.org).

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