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January Issue 2002

Spencer Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Gerald Brommer

The Spencer Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, now presents the art of Gerald Brommer to the East Coast. Although Brommer is currently represented in such art centers as Carmel and Laguna Beach, CA, Tampa, FL, and London, as well as other galleries, the Spencer Art Gallery is his sole representative on the East Coast of the US.

"Gerald Brommer is considered to be a modern master," said gallery owner Jerry Spencer. "We are fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to show his work in Charleston. His work definitely shows a mastery of technique and design. A strong sense of place is evident in each piece. One has only to see his work in person to recognize the importance of this artist."

Regarding his own work, Brommer says, "My subject matter is generally some aspect of the landscape, either natural or human-built. Simply put, I try to capture the essence of a place and deal with its character. I like my paintings to feel like a place rather than look like it. I become aware of the temperature of the light and recognize subtle nuances of textures and colors. I even want to express the quality of sounds and to portray qualities like energy, calm, dynamism, etc."

"The environment becomes my inspiration. My response to it becomes idea. And idea becomes purpose and action through interpretation and painting."

Brommer has exhibited in over 150 one-person shows and over 200 group shows, many of national and international importance. His numerous awards in shows include the National Watercolor Society (8 times) and the American Watercolor Society (3 times). He is included in every important Who's Who in the United State and the United Kingdom. He is a member of such art organizations as the National Watercolor Society ( Life member and Past President); National Arts Club, NY; California Art Club; Watercolor USA Honor Society; and many more.

"Brommer is an artist's artist", says Spencer. "He teaches frequently both here and abroad, sharing his extensive knowledge, skills, and techniques. He has written 18 books and numerous articles published in national and international periodicals, all on the topics of art history, art techniques or design concepts. He is the editor of a 10 volume set The Design Concept Series and has also edited more than 10 art education books used in colleges and high schools. He has had a major impact on thousands of current artists."

Numerous important private, public , and corporate collections include his work.

The gallery and examples of the artwork can be previewed on the worldwide web at (http://www.charlestonliving.com/spencerartgallery). Extensive examples of Brommer's work will soon be available for review on (http://spencerartgallery.com).

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call 843/722-6854, or at one of the above web sites.

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