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November Issue 2003

Arts Extravaganzia to Take Place on Wentworth Street in Charleston, SC

An arts extravaganza in the form of an eight day festival, The Industrial Strength Art Show, will take place on Nov. 1 - 9, 2003 at 77 Wentworth Street, 1st floor, Charleston, SC. All events are free and open to the public.

Local artist, Phillip Hyman, has organized the festival as a way to showcase a montage of eclectic local artists working in a broad range of styles and art forms including visual art, music, film, performance art and more.

Over 40 local artists will participate, filling the 3000 square feet space at 77 Wentworth Street with a weeks worth of unique opportunities for both artists and the public to explore creativity.

Here is a sampling of the weeks activities. Opening night is Nov. 1 with music by DJ Cappuccino Groove. A "Day of the Dead" Film Festival will showcase local independent filmmakers and include B-movies shows. Election Day honors free speech with spoken word by The Poetic Jazz Society and others. Factor Five is sponsoring a Tattoo Art Competition and an evenings entertainment will be provided by The Magnet School of the Arts. Music featured during the week Include local bands "Matter", "Genrevoita" and "Zonaia". Visual art includes all media and activities such as "Art Fusion", and on site body casting.

Events schedules for the week will be posted at local sponsors 52.5 Records, Facto Five and various other locations in town. The Industrial Strength Art Show occurs daily from Nov. 1-9 and hours will vary.

For more information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings or call Phillip Hyman at 843/554-1320 or 843/345-3670.

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