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November Issue 2003

Charleston County Public Library in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Jean Smith

Artist E. Jean Smith will share her work throughout the month of Nov., 2003, in the Saul Alexander Gallery, located on the first floor of the downtown Main Library of the Charleston County Public Library in Charleston, SC. Smith's pastel exhibit is titled, Pastels: Not Just Pretty Colors.

As an artist who has worked in lithography, acrylic, watercolor and oils, Smith finds that pastels free her from wet paint, brushes, stretching canvas, etc. She is mainly intrigued by the vast choice of vibrant colors, simplicity of application and the possibilities in the variety of surfaces available to work on. She finds that it is a medium that is both drawing and painting all in one that makes it so interesting for her.

Smith's choices of subjects are unpredictable. If she sees textures, an interesting shape or color in a landscape, building or person, it becomes an obsession until she can see how to make it work. The image will not leave her mind until she can get around to doing it.

Smith received her BA in Fine Arts from the College of Charleston in 1986. She then went on to study Studio Arts at the University of South Carolina where she received her MA in 1994. Smith's work experience has taken her from New York as a staff artist with Conde Nast (Vogue) to Charleston, SC, as a teacher and studio administrator with the Gibbes Museum of Art.

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