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November Issue 2003

City Gallery in Charleston, SC, Offers Works by Zane Wilson

The City Gallery of the Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, SC, will present an exhibit of mixed media by Goose Creek artist Zane Wilson, Nov. 5 - 30, 2003, entitled Stability.

Zane Wilson is 23-years-old and is attempting on a day-to-day basis to not only become a better person, but a better artist. He is a cash-poor, hard-working college student who usually is gainfully employed at a hardware store or paid in coffee to run errands for professors he greatly admires. His work has encompassed the media of photography, drawing and printmaking - yet his heart seems to be found in making sculpture. He resides with his mother and cat in Goose Creek, SC. His aspirations are to one day teach in a college or a similar environment and to continue to make art.

Wilson comments on his work: "Generally, when people ask me where I'm from, I politely respond, "Nowhere", and then explain that I grew up with military parents, and moved all over in my 23 years of life. This fact has informed much of my work. The houses we lived in were never our own; they were made our own by my mother's ingenious sense of decor and a little paint."

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