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November Issue 2003

Converse College Presents Exhibit of Works by Art & Design Faculty in Spartanburg, SC

Faculty members of the Converse College Art and Design Department will showcase their most recent works during the 32nd Annual Art and Design Faculty Exhibit on view from Nov. 18 through Dec. 13, 2003, in the Milliken Art Gallery on the Converse campus in Spartanburg, SC.

This year's show represents artwork in a variety of mediums by Dianne Bagnal, Mayo Mac Boggs, Merilyn Field, Frazer Pajak, Teresa Prater, Doug Whittle and David Zacharias.

A lifelong art educator, Bagnal will show how her art has progressed throughout her life. "I'm actually going to show drawings I made while I was a 6-year-old and paintings that I'm working on today," said the 56-year-old Bagnal.

Boggs will use the exhibit to merge figurative photography and steel - two mediums that are of particular interest to him. "My work will include large scale un-manipulated figurative photography which give the appearance of computer manipulation," he said.

Field, an art therapist, will focus on her interest in the psychological growth of the individual. "The social unit in human life provides the most powerful opportunity for personal growth in the family," she said. "By using multi-media techniques, I am exploring how 2-D and 3-D art can define family and portray relationships."

Zacaharias will present part of an ongoing body of work comprised entirely of lidded containers. "Each piece combines simple forms," he says, "such as bowls, domes, cylinders and cones into vessels of varying proportions. Subtle altering of the forms occurs in each piece. The surfaces are glazed in such a way that interest in the forms and subtleties within the forms are emphasized."

For more information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/596-9181 or send an e-mail to (art.design@converse.edu).

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