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November Issue 2003

Gallery 80808 in Columbia, SC, Offers Show for Vista Lights

Gallery 80808 in Columbia, SC, presents A*L*O*N*G*L*A*D*Y as part of Columbia's annual Vista Lights on Nov. 20. The exhibit continues through Dec. 2, 2003. Gallery 80808 is located within Vista Studios at 808 Lady Street, Columbia.

A*L*O*N*G*L*A*D*Y includes the work of Vista Studio artists Carol Barks, Ethel Brody, Pat Callahan, Charles Dillingham, Pat Gilmartin, Robert Kennedy, Sharon Licata, Susan Lenz, Laura Spong, and Mike Williams.

Intentionally open-ended in word division, the exhibition title precipitated rich and varied responses from the participating artists.

Susan Lenz

In her interpretations of the exhibit, fiber artist Susan Lenz blends the mundane and sacred. With humor and reverence, Lenz marries discarded items found along Lady Street with her digital images of an Italian shrine to the Virgin Mary. The resulting constructions Our Long Lady: Patroness of Found Art Objects and Altar of Pardon with Spirit Totems of Mean People invoke the beauty and presence of traditional altar art.

Laura Spong

Laura Spong, an adamantly self-titled non-objective painter, incorporates recognizable motifs into her paintings for this exhibition. A Long Lady's Shadow includes a nearly figurative shape and A long "Lady" Street references signs marking road construction that Spong sees on her frequent walks.

Sculptor Carol Barks adds abstract and mythic figures to A*L*O*N*G*L*A*D*Y. A Long Lady is just that, a long, feminine figure carved of white marble. In contrast, Lilith, with its circular design and serpent motif, invokes the biblical figure that embodied feminine wisdom.

Sharon Licata

Sharon Licata displays two new limestone sculptures, the abstract Along the Road and the figurative A Lady Longing. Licata cites celebration of the arts and the longing to create as the genius behind these pieces.

Pat Gilmartin

Terra cotta and bronze figures by Pat Gilmartin complete the sculpture entries.

Works by Pat Callahan also examine the feminine form. Her mixed-media constructions delve in current beauty standards. One work, aptly titled Eternal Beauty, explores this seeming certainty given advertising claims culled from one issue of Glamour magazine. The language guarantees a longer-lasting lady. Callahan's other constructions explore the idealized feminine shape.

Ethel Brody explores the feminine through pattern and personal motifs in her mixed-media works.

For more information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings or call Vista Studios at 803/252-6134.

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