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November Issue 2003

The Gallery at Carillon in Charlotte, NC, Presents Works by Katie Walker

The Gallery at Carillon, in the Carillon Building in Uptown Charlotte, NC, is featuring the exhibition, Katie Walker: Wall Tales, on view through Jan. 16, 2004. The eight large acrylic paintings, ranging in size up to 10 x 12 feet, are a combination of calculation, humor, and experimentation.

The exhibition represents the artist's direct response to the interior space of gallery which features commissioned works by internationally known artists. The rhythm, repetition, balance, and humor of the permanently installed kinetic sculpture by Tinguely was the inspiration for the paintings. The color palette in the work is similar to Sol Lewitt's painted wall and parts of the painted metal sculpture, but at the same time it is also intentionally contrasting. The lobby area is large, open, soaring, and light-filled. Walker kept the compositions open and created subtle shifts in temperature with thinly painted strips of canvas.

Walker builds her paintings by joining sections of canvas characters together that have been created for a particular piece. The seams are visible and are an integral part of the overall composition. This process is very labor-intense and the canvas goes from floor to wall and back again anywhere from 2 to 100 times. It is pulled, rolled, scraped, rubbed, stepped on, handled, and stapled again and again, so when she decides to stop working and the finished piece is born, it already has a colorful history. Walker states, "All of my work is driven by my reactions to people, events, spaces, etc. around me and understanding them in terms of my own history."

Walker attended Furman University and studied abroad in Cortona, Italy to complete her undergraduate work. She received a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from The University of Georgia. Presently, she maintains a studio in Greenville, SC.

The Gallery at Carillon is sponsored by Shorenstein Company, a premier private owner and operator of Class A buildings in the United States with a portfolio of more than 20 million square feet. The exhibition was curated by Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte.

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