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November Issue 2003

HoFP Gallery in Columbia, SC, Offers Works by Vladan Ignatovic

HoFP Gallery in Columbia, SC, is hosting Vladan Savoir-faire, a one-man show featuring new original oils and acrylics by Vladan Ignatovic. The show will be on view from Nov. 13 through Dec. 31, 2003.

Ignatovic was born in Nis, Yugoslavia in 1955. His family was rife with artistic talent, but nobody took it up as a profession. As a young boy Vladan preferred the ever present pencil and papers to any toy. Despite his obvious inclination towards art he was urged by his parents to study the more practical field of engineering. Nonetheless he continued to draw and paint. During the summer months he studied painting and printmaking amongst professionals. By the time Ignatovic finished his studies and settled in Belgrade, he was a full-time artist.

Ignatovic arrived in Toronto, Canada in 1993. He went to on painting murals and began participating in local art exhibitions. Two years later he started his career creating backgrounds for the growing digital imagery industry in Toronto. Since 1995, Ignatovic has worked providing background imagery in the animation industry in Ontario. His latest work may be seen in the animated series, Anne of Green Gables, released by Sullivan Entertainment. He continues to paint.

Ignatovic paints mostly women; not portraits, the works are more archetypes of femininity. He uses thick impasto oil paint technique and avoids any realistic illusions. Instead he emphasizes a two dimensional quality in his work. Ignatovic invites the viewer to the subject through an emphatic use of color. His colors are inspired by the Mediterranean and he consciously manipulates them to create moods of joy and warmth as well as more introspective, cool, reflective themes. Ignatovic's objective is to capture the dignity of the form and surround it with warm, sensual, abstract spaces.

Ignatovic usually starts his paintings with pencil sketches, sometimes with tonal studies. He then approaches the canvas with acrylic, playing with both under-painting and texture. These random "distractions" actually help him to work untroubled. After achieving some balance in tonal and hue values, Ignatovic either switches to the oil, or finishes it in acrylic, trying to do minimal work at the last stage.

"I have a great need to paint. As I approach the canvas I have an idea of what I am about to create and begin to draw with my brush laying down and under-painting. At this point my purest intention is to let things happen; to remain open to chance, once I establish the basic form I explore a balance in tone and hue. I am not trying to explain anything in my painting. Rather it is as if the need to create is an infection and I am curing it the best way I know how," said Ignatovic.

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