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November Issue 2003

Joie Lassiter Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Linda Fantuzzo

From Nov. 7 through Dec. 2, 2003, the Joie Lassiter Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will feature works by Charleston, SC, artist Linda Fantuzzo.

Fantuzzo is one of the core members of the Charleston art scene. Originally from New York, educated in Pennsylvania and Italy, Fantuzzo's passion for rich, vibrant light led her to reside and paint in Charleston.

Best known for her mellow, textured landscapes and still-life paintings; Fantuzzo goes beyond recording what she sees, to examining the very energy that emanates from her still-life landscapes in an almost spiritual manner.

Meticulous consideration and the atmospheric conditions of each moment shape Fantuzzo's response to her subject. As the conditions and consequentially the response to them changes, spatial ambiguity will often arise within the paintings between the various compositional elements. Architectural forms are often employed as an abstract element, their solidity creating a sense of stability. Fantuzzo's work shows a deep sensitivity to the balance of abstraction and representation. Documenting a sense of transition and impermanence without giving way to sentimentality this artist unveils, with transcendental luminosity, the fabulous details within the fabric of everyday life.

Painterly realistic with a painstaking overlay technique, Fantuzzo constructs through layers of careful glazing and building of surface these pure, rich and sensuous works which vibrate with energy and light.

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