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November Issue 2003

Gatekeeper's House Artists at Moring Center in Asheboro, NC

For several years Jean Vollrath, Greg Talbott, Sally Self, Joanna Frazier Hudson, Libby Myers, Judy Prazak, Linda Argersinger, Gail Cooper, Ann Respess, Gary Anderson, Ellen Howell, Beth Norris, Lakita Adams, and Nadine Johnson exhibited jointly to sell their artwork at the Gatekeeper's House in Asheboro, NC. This year we are pleased to have all of them under the roof of the Moring Arts Center in Asheboro, from Nov. 11-26, 2003.

Visitors may expect to choose from weaving, woodwork, painting, pottery, photography, pastels, woodcarving as well as natural wreaths and decorations and lithography.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the center at 336/629-0399 or on the web at (www.randolphartsguild.com).

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