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November Issue 2003

Redux Contemporary Arts Center in Charleston, SC, Offers Exhibit, Art Auction and Wish List

The Redux Contemporary Arts Center in Charleston, SC, will be presenting the exhibition, Shoreline Drift, by the organization Public City, from Nov. 14 - 22, 2003.

The installation Shoreline Drift is intended to raise awareness of natural processes and how it has been accelerated by our development efforts along the South Carolina Coast. Folly Beach is known by the nickname 'The Edge of America'. But that edge and all that it encompasses is a landscape of constant change. The sands that form this 6 mile barrier island southwest of Charleston Harbor are in a state of transition, as natural erosion processes cause ongoing depletion of the shoreline. This process is known as shoreline drift.

On Dec. 6, 2003, from 4pm-until, Redux will present, The Last Cheap Art Auction Ever! Artists are cleaning out their closets just for you! Including work from the redux membership and all across South Carolina!  It's your last opportunity to get some work from South Carolina's finest artists for cheap!

The auction bidding starts promptly at 6:00pm and at only $10 on each artwork. So, how many works will go for $10, $20, $50? Come and see how high you are willing to go to add to your collection.

Redux has submitted a Holiday wishlist (requested by Carolina Arts). Besides asking for money and the ability to stop time, they have asked for help with the following request:
1. Plumbing assistance with installing our new bathroom. If anyone knows of a good/affordable licensed plumber please let us know!

2.  Handicapped toilet and rails.

3.  Fire and burglar alarm system.

4.  (3) 35mm-medium format photo enlargers (brand doesn't matter so long as they work).

5.  (4) Digital or analog timers for the enlargers.

6.  (4) Grain magnifiers.

7.  A water filtering system (could be something as simple as just a nozzle attachment).
The Redux staff would be extremely grateful for any donations large or small, and of course all donations are completely tax deductible.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call 843/722-0697, e-mail at (reduxstudios@hotpop.com) and at (www.reduxstudios.org). To learn more about the Public City go to: (www.publiccityincharleston.org).

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