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November Issue 2003

Spartanburg Co. Museum of Art in Spartanburg, SC, Features Hub City Exhibit and Works by Katie Hodge

One of the things taught in Art Appreciation classes is that art reflects the culture in which it is created. Problems can arise in art (as in our daily lives) when the culture that inspires creative activity is hectic, self-absorbed, and nurtures limited attention spans. Dealing with a multitude of daily concerns is overwhelming. Many of us survive by following someone else's rut in the road. At times like this, it is easy for the arts to be relegated to recreation instead of re-creation. However, it is under these very circumstances that we need re-creation in the worst sort of way.

Competitions are important because they provide artists and viewers with a noncommercial venue where they can explore undiscovered or forgotten parts of themselves. As a regional institution, The Spartanburg County Museum of Art in Spartanburg, SC, mandates the promotion of the art of our area. Part of this responsibility involves developing a collection of works by eminent artists of the past in order to preserve what has already been done. Another equally important part involves cultivating tomorrow's eminent creators. To this end, The Museum will be hosting the 2nd Biennial Hub City Juried Art Competition. The show opens Nov. 13, in the Museum's Milliken and Parsons Galleries, and continues through Dec. 30, 2003.

The Museum chose to use Spartanburg's former nickname, "Hub City," because of the historical significance of its reputation as a railroad hub at the turn of the century. Although submissions to this competition are not limited to historical themes, the competition itself does make reference to the rich and culturally diverse history of Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. The hope is that by providing glimpses into the past, our artists will be encouraged to explore ways to direct their creative efforts to building upon our area's cultural foundation.

The Museum is privileged to have internationally known artist and illustrator Burt Silverman as the judge for this year's event. An Academician of the National Academy of Design since 1974, Silverman was elected to the prestigious Society of Illustrator's Hall of Fame in 1990. The following year, he was one of three electees to the Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame. He is also represented by the Gallery Henoch in New York, The Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco, and the Total Arts Gallery in Taos, NM.

The Museum will also be offering the exhibition, Katie Hodge, Spartanburg, SC, in the Burwell Gallery, on view from Nov. 3 through Dec. 30, 2003. Long involved in the Spartanburg art scene, this former student of August Cook exhibits her exquisite hand-hooked rugs made with wool that she has hand-dyed.

For more information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Museum at 864/582-7616 or at (www.sparklenet.com/museumofart).

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