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November Issue 2003

Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC, Features Earth and Flight Exhibitions

To recognize the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight at Kitty Hawk, NC, Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC, will present the exhibit, Outer Banks to Outer Space: A Celebration of Flight. The exhibit features the aerial silk batiks of Mary Edna Fraser, a native of Fayetteville, NC, from Nov. 8 through Dec. 21, 2003. Other exhibitions will also be on view at TAG during the same time frame.

Mary Edna Fraser

Now residing in Charleston, SC, Fraser has shown her work worldwide, including the Fayetteviile Festival of Flight, the Duke Museum of Art and the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. Upon graduation from East Carolina University with a BS in Clothing and Textiles and Interior Design, Fraser continued her studies through a variety of apprenticeships. Inspired by the earth's terrain and images from satellites, Frasar creates large works using dyes on silk. Piloting her grandfather's 1946 Ercoupe plane, Fraser photographs the different landscapes below her. She selects an image to act as her inspiration for a batik. Such works include Appalachia, Behind Pawleys, Taiwan's Ancient Barriers, and Spiral Galaxy. She believes that "color is an emotional rather than realistic response, the design often abstracted." Fraser's batiks illustrate NC's fourth grade social' studies textbook, Living in Our World, written by Dr. Orrin Pilkey, a Duke University Geography professor.

Also showing is Recent Paintings by Eric Lawing. Lawing, an artist from Wilmington, NC, received an MFA, with a minor in Art History, from the UNC-Greensboro and a BA from the UNC-Wilmington. After spending time at the Weatherspoon Art Gallery at UNC-Greensboro as a curator, Lawing moved to Carolina Beach where he teaches studio courses at UNC-Wilmington. His works have been displayed at a variety of venues, including the Weatherspoon Art Gallery, the North Carolina Museum of Art, Davidson County Art Gallery, and the Greensboro Art League Gallery. Using thick paint and sand mixtures, Lawing creates expressive, earthy paintings.

Inspired by Fraser's work and the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight, Kaleidoscope Youth Gallery features an exhibit entitled I Can Fly! An array of imaginative art by area elementary school children will be displayed.

High Point Fine Art Guild' Fall Juried Show is exhibited in the Hallway Gallery.

Celebration of Flight is made possible by generous gifts from corporate sponsors: ASB Graphics, Britling USA Aviator Watches, and Simon Jewelers.

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