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November Issue 2010

City of Charleston in Charleston, SC, Offers Exhibit of Works by Pedro Lobo

The Art Institute of Charleston partners with the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston and the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs to bring international photographer Pedro Lobo to Charleston. The exhibit, Favelas: Architecture of Survival, which will be on display at The City Gallery at Waterfront Park through Nov. 23, is Lobo's first solo exhibition in the United States.

Art Institute of Charleston Academic Chair of Photography and Digital Filmmaking Howard Katz says, "It was a major coup to be able to bring international artist Pedro Lobo to the US for his first show in this country, and the fact that he will be working with our photography students here is a tremendous opportunity for them." Katz and Lobo have been working together to organize about half a dozen visits to The Art Institute of Charleston students who will learn about large format printing, lighting and composition from the world-renowned photographer.

Lobo is a Brazilian-born photographer who, in this work, charts the longest-lived of the world's squatter settlements, Rio de Janeiro's favelas. Squatters worldwide number around a billion; in Rio live some one million. They are people, for the most part, without addresses, titles to their land, utilities, or, governmental services.

Lobo's photographic landscapes hint at organized chaos as homes scale the hills behind tourist, official Rio. The photographs capture the hardening of these urban spaces as people put down roots and community develops. These beautifully composed images do not shy away from the sprawl, or the hardships of the favelas, yet they are filled with optimism necessary for life in these marginalized urban neighborhoods.

Favelas: Architecture of Survival has been previously exhibited in Brazil and four other countries; however the exhibit at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park will be the first time this work has gone on display in the US. It will include more than 40 large format prints.

Lobo is a Fulbright scholar who has studied at the International Center of Photography, NYC, and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Over the 1970s and 1980s, Lobo was a photographer and researcher at Brazil's National Center for Cultural Reference and at the Monuments and Sites National Institute. He photographed the historical sites of Ouro Preto, Olinda, Salvador, and São Miguel das Missões for their inclusion in UNESCO's World Heritage List. Lobo works to show the viewer aspects overlooked in the landscape where individual expression and social processes mark places for his large format camera.

Lobo lives in Rio de Janeiro and Évora, Portugal. The exhibition on view won 1st prize in TOPS IN International Photo Festival, Shenyang, China.

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