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November Issue 2010

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Simon Balyon

World-renowned Dutch artist Simon Balyon will fly in from the Netherlands to present his spectacular one-man show at Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art in Charleston, SC, on view from Nov. 5 - 30, 2010. A part of the 12th Charleston Fine Art Annual weekend, his show is sure to please as we unveil numerous landscapes fresh from Holland.

Balyon's compositions often reflect the beauty of the Dutch countryside, whether it is through his crisp winter scenes, lushly foliaged summer renditions, or his budding spring pastureland. With an artistically driven family background and devotion to studying the Impressionist and Romantic painters, he made the old-world Dutch Masters style his own.

Amongst his list of achievements, Balyon's current major project is garnering international attention. In March 2009, he began working on a two-year mega painting featuring the famous Blue Trams of the Netherlands, on the route Leiden-Haarlem. This panoramic scene titled Panorama Tulipland features the trams riding through the Tulip Region, and is painted on a single piece of handmade canvas measuring 30 meters wide and 4 meters tall. Simon works on Tulipland a few days a week and people can watch as he paints. It is awe-inspiring for locals and visitors alike.

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