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November Issue 2010

FABO Café in Charlotte, NC, Opens to Offer Local Art and Eats

FABO Café, a purveyor of regional visual and food artists, has opened in Tranquil Court, 2820 Selwyn Ave., Suite 180 in Charlotte, NC. Owner Amy Aussieker offers local artists a forum to showcase their affordable, original artwork and strives to promote regional artists who help to make Charlotte unique. In addition to visual art, FABO offers food art, from vendors including Tizzerts and Edible Arts.

FABO will also offer a full premium coffee bar with regular coffees as well as specialty lattes. Along with free WiFi, customers will be able to enjoy breakfast pastries, cupcakes, slices of cakes, brownies and more.

The top sellers among the 55 artists carried by FABO include painters Noel Fludgate, Pamela Wingard, Carolyn Bohn and David French, potters Greg Scott and Barbara Chadwick and jeweler Elizabeth Hamilton, with prices ranging from $10 to $1000.

Aussieker brings her extensive sales and marketing experience with companies including the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and applies it to creating a new approach to selling artwork. Any artist is able to work with FABO - the only caveat is that if their artwork does not sell within a set timeframe, they are moved out to allow for new artists to move in.

In addition to her professional experience, Aussieker has served in numerous volunteer leadership positions with the Arts and Science Council, the Citizens Transit Advisory Committee, School Bonds Campaign and Hot Jobs/Cool Communities initiative for the City Committee.

Aussieker originally launched FABO, which stands for "fabulous art buying opportunity," as a mobile art gallery in 2009, bringing original local artwork to private house parties. She then expanded the business to include a retail location in the Elizabeth neighborhood. After testing the concept there for 6 months and searching for the perfect spot to relocate, Aussieker decided on Tranquil Court.

Aussieker says, "My goal for FABO is for it to become a neighborhood hangout as well as a destination spot for anyone that appreciates art, a good cup of coffee and supporting local businesses and artists."

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/900-2430 or visit (www.faboparty.com).


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