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November Issue 2010

FW Front Gallery at Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC, Features Works by Sarah Faulkner

The FW Front Gallery at Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC, will present the exhibit, Natural World, featuring paintings by Sarah Faulkner, on view from Nov. 1 - 29, 2010.

Faulkner seeks to capture the important relationships humans have with trees, flowers, animals and all things in the natural world. These relationships offer a sense of peace, grounding and calm which is so essential to the quality of one's life. Growth is reflected consistently throughout her work.

Faulkner experiments with different materials in order to capture the mysterious and atmospheric qualities found in nature. Most recently, she has been working with wax to add depth to her paintings. This translucent and misty material blends and softens the undercoat colors to give the work an element of light. In addition to wax, Faulkner also uses a combination of materials to build up the surface of the paintings. This gives the work a three dimensional quality. Over ten layers of paint are applied to each piece in order to reach its final state.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/254-9234 or visit (www.woolworthwalk.com).


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