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November Issue 2010

Gallery C in Raleigh, NC, Features Works by Diane Patton and Sally Resnik Rockriver

Gallery C in Raleigh, NC, is presenting the exhibit, Mothers of Abstraction, featuring works by Diane Patton and Sally Resnik Rockriver, on view through Nov. 20, 2010, as part of the gallery's 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Gallery C is proud to present an exhibition of fine abstract paintings and glass sculpture by the artists Diane Patton and Sally Resnik Rockriver.

Patton and Rockriver are two artists on the forefront of discovery. Patton ventures into new, imaginary, organic compositions, and Rockriver revolutionizes glass blowing by combining hot glass with geothermal glazes. The viewer is awed by their creations, which contain the power and energy of a planet being born.

Diane Patton

Patton's paintings explore energy and light. She creates organic forms with dramatic brush strokes on vibrant canvases. Patton explores the forms and shapes as she paints, always challenging herself as she works. Patton lives in West Virginia.

Sally Resnik Rockriver

Rockriver combines her pioneering work in chemistry with art. She spins glass with different ceramic glaze combinations and discovers their chemical reactions. She describes these transformations as "planets being born". Rockriver is a native North Carolinian, living in Chatham County.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/828-3165 or visit (www.galleryc.net).


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