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November Issue 2010

Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, in SC, Features Works by William Abbott

The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville in Greenville, SC, will present an exhibit of works by guest artist William Abbott, on view from Nov. 1 - 30, 2010.

As a photographer for over forty years, Abbott's photographic expertise ranges from fine art, aerial, portrait, advertising to catalog, fashion work to photo essay, using both film and digital, by means of medium format, 8x10 view and full frame digital cameras.

"I learn something new every day about life and my photography. If it is looking at an image from 20 years ago and seeing it in a whole new light or a new one taken yesterday, something is learned," says Abbott.

Abbott cares about what he visualizes and how he sees the image through the camera. For him, the end result is what it is all about. How he got there is not the question, how one sees the image is. "If my images can make the viewer feel something about an image then I have done my job well," adds Abbott.

Russell Levin of Levin Gallery in Monterey, CA, had this to say about Abbott's work, "Abbott imitates life through renewal, freedom, energy, serenity, power and constant change; therein lays the inspiration for his current work. His fine art training optimizes line and balances in the final presentation of his photographs."

The gallery will offer a Special Preview Show from Nov. 1-4, 2010, with a 10% off purchases. So stop by and save.

For further info check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call 864/239-3882 or visit (www.artistsguildgalleryofgreenville.com).


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