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November 2011

Aiken Artist Guild in Aiken, SC, Offers Works by Anne Rauton Smith, Judy Adamick, & Marcia Bergtholdt

The Aiken Artist Guild in Aiken, SC, will present the exhibit, Americana That Tugs at Your Heart, featuring works by Anne Rauton Smith and Judy Adamick, on view from Nov. 1 - 30, 2011, in the Aiken Artist Guild Gallery at the Aiken Center for the Arts. A reception will be held on Nov. 17, from 6-8pm. The Guild will also present an exhibit of works from North Augusta, SC, artist Marcia Bergtholdt at the Hitchcock Health Center in Aiken, SC, on view from Nov. 1 - 30, 2011.

Artists Anne Rauton Smith and Judy Adamick have been friends for 23 years and began exhibiting their work together in 2010. Smith lives on a cattle farm between Johnston and Ward, SC. Her background stems from an art class she chose in college for an “easy course” and then attended Ringling Art School to study interior design. She continued to take painting workshops from nationally known artists and after experimenting with several mediums decided to try her hand with pen & ink with watercolor.

Smith found that to be her medium and a perfect companion to portray the rustic, weathered boards of old barns and buildings for which she has experienced a lifetime love affair. “So many barns have died and returned to the soil. My paintings will hopefully keep the memories alive for those old buildings that served their masters well,” explains the artist.

Adamick’s artistic ability comes from her father. Although she never viewed any of his work she was told that he was a wonderful painter, but one day he got an impulsive “wild hair” and built a bon fire burning all his paintings. He never painted again!

After taking classes locally and many classes with well known accomplished artists from around the country, Adamick became a full time professional artist in 1992. The artist works mostly in acrylic and watercolor.

This nostalgic show tells the tale of the old country barns which we all grew up with and the farm animals of our childhood memories - of what once was.

Marcia Bergtholdt will exhibit works at the Hitchcock Health Center in Aiken, SC. The artist’s training has been focused on colorists theories of Henry Hensche back to Matisse. Her work in oil will represent a variety of subject.

“For me, learning to paint was a whole new way of looking at color, really looking closely at how the natural color a an object changes in the light and shadow,” Bergtholdt explains.

Bergtholdt started in watercolor, then acrylics and finally settled on oils. She has studied with Camille Przwodek and Timothy Horn in CA and spent three years at the Marin Art School also in CA.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Aiken Artist Guild 803/648-8344 or visit (www.aikenartistguild.org).

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