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November 2011

Anastasia & Friends in Columbia, SC, Offers Exhibit Focused on Food

Anastasia & Friends in Columbia, SC, will present, The Art of Food, on view from Nov. 3 - 24, 2011. A reception will be held on Nov. 3, from 6-9pm.

As cooler temperatures approach, from both a social and primal standpoint, people are focused on food more than ever. It’s the perfect time of year to have a show with an emphasis on food.

The Art of Food presents art that is created with, inspired by, related to or symbolic of food. The exhibition explores food as an aesthetically pleasing, versatile medium all the way to the traditional, consumptive sense. Viewers will experience food in a unique, sometimes funny, even, surprising light.

Artists Amy Alley, Lucy Bailey, Leslie Bennett, Mark Boone, Rachel Borgman, Anastasia Chernoff, Hannah Edelhoch, Candace Engel, Blake Faries of Saluda’s Restaurant, Betsy Kaemmerlen, Paul Kaufmann, Ricky Mollohan of Cellar on Greene, Mr. Friendly’s and Solstice Restaurants, Paul Moore , Drew Moreland, Maria Kennedy Mungo, Kristian Neimi of Rosso Trattoria Italia, Travis Rayle, Paula Riddle, Virginia Scotchie, C Neil Scott and Roe Young have created an exhibition of edible art, paintings, sculpture, serving pieces, glass, photography and mixed media, some with a collaborative slant between visual and culinary artists that will astound your eyes, tease your taste buds, make you laugh and, maybe, even give you some new, unusual ideas for leftovers!

Anastasia & Friends art gallery is located on Main Street in the front of the Free Times building in downtown Columbia, just across from the Columbia Museum of Art.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, contact Anastasia Chernoff by calling 803/665-6902 or e-mail to (stasia1825@aol.com).

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