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November 2011

Asheville Art Museum Offers Exhibit Focused on Digital Impact on Crafts

The Asheville Art Museum in Asheville, NC, will present the exhibit, The New Materiality, on view in the Appleby Foundation Gallery, from Nov. 18 through Mar. 18, 2012.

The exhibit expands beyond the boundaries that currently exist between technology, art and craft. The artists in this exhibition use new technologies in tandem with traditional craft materials such as clay, glass, wood, metal and fiber, to forge new artistic directions. According to Fo Wilson, the curator of the exhibition, The New Materiality looks at a growing development in the United States towards the use of digital technologies as a new material and means of expression in the practice of craft.

Digital video and audio, computerized design and other technologies are presented as new materials to be exploited or manipulated in order to enrich artistic expression. If we were to compare digital matter-zeros and ones-to materials like clay, glass, fiber or wood, does that force us to rethink the traditional craft concern of “the hand versus the machine”?

The exhibition examines the impact of digital technologies on the world of contemporary craft. Artists featured include Brian Boldon, Shaun Bullens, E.G. Crichton, Sonya Clark, Lia Cook, Maaike Evers, Donald Fortescue, LawrenceLaBianca, Wendy Maruyama, Christy Matson, Cat Mazza, Nathalie Miebach, Mike Simonian, Tim Tate, Susan Working and Mark Zirkel.

This exhibition was organized by the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery liastings, call the Museum at 828/253-3227 or visit (www.ashevilleart.org).

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