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November 2011

Indigo Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Judith Perry

Indigo Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, will present the exhibit, Wait till the Midnight Hour, featuring works by Judith Perry, on view from Nov. 4 - 30, 2011. A reception will be held on Nov. 4, from 5-8pm.

Perry is an owner of Indigo, along with Paula Lonneman and Helen K. Beacham. The three just recently celebrated their first year anniversary in their Church Street location, south of Broad.

Perry says, “Art making requires passion. It’s like dancing. It’s something you feel and have to express. Having been raised in the staid southwest corner of the state of Washington, my life was isolated from the broader world. As a teen, I first heard the music of Motown…soul music. Soul music was an obvious display of passion and it expressed in word and sound what I felt about visual art. As I developed formally as an artist at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, the emphasis was on figure drawing. To me the human form is the ultimate landscape. It carries undulating curves, sharp forms, and multiple colors. “

Visitors to the show will witness the passion of soul music merged with the visual form. The titles of Perry’s new pieces reflect the moods of this expressive music.  

Indigo Fine Art Gallery also represents the works of Amelia Rose Smith, Karen Vournakis, Kent Lovelace, Hedi Moran and others from coast to coast.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/805-9696 or visit (


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