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November 2013

Charleston County Public Library in Charleston Offers Works by Bob Brown

The Charleston County Public Library in Charleston, SC, is presenting Re-Imagined Places, featuring paintings by Bob Brown, on view in the Saul Alexander Foundation Gallery, through Nov. 29, 2013,

Throughout the years Brown has worked in various media as a painter, printmaker and photographer. These recent paintings reflect his personal sense of composition, texture, and the tonal values that inform all images he creates. At this time, landscape inspires the first brush strokes on his canvas; he then follows the spirit of these marks building a rich impasto of paint. His somber landscapes reach beyond mere observation and plumb for a darker emotional response. The latest paintings in this series signal a more abstract approach to image and idea.

Brown states, “ The genesis of my creative process is initiated by the experiences I’ve had or sensations I’ve felt. These experiences or sensations may come from viewing images, reading literature, listening to rhythms of various languages and/or musical compositions”.

“Although I may begin an image from a specific subject, I am not interested in making a copy. My way of working involves the manipulation of painting media to apply and adjust colors, shapes and textures through any number of stages. Determination of the stopping point, and if or when it has a connection to the original idea, is a process that I find interesting and engaging. “

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Library at 843/805-6930 or visit (www.ccpl.org).

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