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November 2013

MoNA Gallery NoDa in Charlotte, NC, Features Group Show Focused on Water

MoNA Gallery NoDa in Charlotte, NC, will present I Think I am the Water, featuring works by a group of photographers, on view from Nov. 1 through Dec. 21, 2013. A reception will be held on Nov. 1, from 6-9pm.

“I think I am the water and I think I always have been. I go my own way and somehow, without knowing how, find my way through the cracks and crevices, the grooves and holes in the rocks that form around these fragile hearts.” - Tyler Knott Gregson

The exhibit will feature the photography of Nir Arieli, Heather Evans Smith, Barbara Tyroler, Alice Zilberberg as well as new works by local artists Carmella Jarvi and Martique Lorray.

Nir Arieli is a New York based fine art portrait photographer. For this exhibit we’ll be showing a work titled “Tal” from his series “Men” in which Nir tries to expose a component of masculinity once oppressed by common social codes. By highlighting gentleness, uncensored emotion, and vulnerability his subjects unapologetically and shamelessly proclaim a new forthcomingness.

Heather Evans Smith is an award winning fine art and conceptual portrait photographer based in Winston Salem, NC. Her work captures the everyday and the whimsical, telling stories of women and struggle, reality and the surreal. She was recently chosen as a winner of Ron Howard’s Project Imagination, and this fall her winning image will be brought to life in a short film directed by Jamie Fox.

Barbara Tyroler is an artist, photographer, educator, and community worker based in Chapel Hill, NC. By continually pushing the boundaries of photographic imagery, and through her precise attention to light, timing, and framing, she creates sensuous and ethereal images of semi-abstracted figures in the water.

Toronto, Ontario, based photographer Alice Zilberberg uses image composing to meld fantasy with reality. Inspired by folklore, mythology, and fairy tales, her work places a new gloss on traditional themes. The characters in her works are women that are powerful, capable, alluring, and defeating.

Local artist Carmella Jarvi, though best known for her paintings of women in water, is now exploring water through glass. Her new medium has also inspired collaborative glass and encaustic works between her and (husband) Chris Craft. Carmella currently serves as the curator of the Gallery at Packard Place.

Local artist Martique Lorray uses her canvas as a means to convey a story. Fueled by her culture, and her curiosity about human relationships, drama, and personal motivations, her allegorical paintings become earthy, haunting, and beautiful extensions of herself.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/390-0495 or visit (www.monacharlotte.com).

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