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November 2013

Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC, Features Exhibition of Abstract Works

Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC, will present Abstract 11, featuring works by members of the Abstract Art Group, on view from Nov. 2 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on Nov. 9, from 2-5pm.

Participating artists include Ortrud Tyler, Betty Garbarino, Joan Gados, Eloise Randolph, Carole Richards, Peggy Vineyard, Greta Swaim, Suzanne Ellette and Babs Ludwick.

“We decided to get together to provide an opportunity to work on abstract art … We found ourselves looking for more in our art and then found each other. Ortrud Tyler holds the group together with monthly workshops where we share our individual outside the box experiences,” said Babs Ludwick.

Ortrud K. Tyler was born in Berlin, Germany, and started her studies with noted artists grounded in the abstract expressionist movement. After coming to the US she continued her studies with nationally known instructors.

“Abstract painting allows me not to be limited by representational imagery and to express a wide range of emotions and visual impressions,” says Tyler. “Concentrating on color, texture and other design elements gives my paintings their strong appeal. I like to give the viewer a chance to get involved with the image and bring their own feelings and emotions to the experience.”

Tyler is the recipient of over 50 regional and national awards, among them the “Golden Colors Bronze Medal NCWC, Bronze Medal SWA, Georgia WCS Daniel Smith Award and many more. Her paintings are in the collection of SAS, IBM, IDM, Hatteras Yachts BB&T etc. She has been guest lecturer at UNCW. Her work has been published in the book Exploring Color by Nita Leland as well as Southwest Art magazine, and other publications.

Art has always been a part of Betty Garbarino’s life as far back as she can remember. She was born in Newark, NJ, and graduated from Arts High School and the Newark School of Fine Arts. Upon graduation, she was hired by Macy’s as a graphic artist and worked in their advertising department for many years. After marriage and children she freelanced for Macy’s and other businesses. Garbarino retired to North Carolina in 2003 and has since had the time and the luxury of creating art for herself. She is a member of Associated Artists of Southport and has taken numerous workshops with accomplished artists. She has won local and regional awards for her artwork and has done commissioned pieces of art in North Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey.

Eloise Morgan Randolph, an award-winning artist, began painting in the 1970s in the classes of Charlotte, NC, artist, John Brady. Since moving from western North Carolina to Caswell Beach, NC, with her husband 15 years ago, she has been active in workshops conducted by well known artists, pursued education in art through self-study and has regularly participated in art classes.

In Randolph’s abstract impressionistic style she strives with excitement and emotion to convey the extraordinariness of her surroundings. Her energy and expressiveness are evident in her work. She has painted in oils; her present focus is acrylics. Her work is found throughout the United States. A large body of Randolph’s art is figure work. She has received local, regional and national recognition. She has participated in workshops by nationally known artists, including Alex Powers, Mary Whyte, Mark Mahaffey and Carla O’Connor. She has received honors from nationally known judges, including several Best in Show awards.

Carole Richards was born and raised in Nebraska. She credits her teachers with encouraging her to explore the art world. “In elementary school, my teachers always gave me free time to paint and draw. In high school I had an excellent art teacher who encouraged me and wanted me to go to NYC after graduation to study art. Of course, I was terrified of being swallowed up and alone in the big city and declined.”

For the last 20 years, Richards has owned Worms & Coffee in Brunswick County. She says, “I had always painted by photos or still life. When I realized new technology had taken photography to a new level and can be altered to take the place of real life paintings, I began to experiment.

“A year ago I was introduced to abstract and I love it. Wow! it is fun - a sense of freedom, surprise, a terrible challenge, expression and fulfillment,” said Richards. “To be able to express feelings, emotion, using shapes and colors and not knowing what you are going to paint till you start applying it … It is a total completion of oneself.”

Peggy Morriss Vineyard, an award winning artist in Houston, TX and Wilmington, NC., began her art career in elementary school and followed throughout her adult years. She majored in Elementary Education and minored in Art, graduating from the University of Houston in Houston. Following a career in teaching, counseling and real estate, she became a full-time artist when she and her husband moved to Wilmington. Vineyard’s primary medium is watercolor and acrylics but she enjoys sculpting as well. Her work is mostly non-representational and abstract which reflects her love of nature with experimentation of shapes, varied colors, organic forms, line and design blending together to make a work of art. Recent awards include the 2012 President’s Award at the Azalea Festival Show and Best In Category at the 2012 Landfall Juried Art Show, FASO.

Greta Swaim considers herself a linear expressionist, in which the artist primarily uses the figurative shorthand of line and couples it with brilliant color and archetypal images. In her work, Swaim strives to resolve ancient art controversies by synthesizing form, emotionalism and consciousness of spirit. This fall, she is showing in New York City and Paris, including two pieces, which were projected on a Manhattan high rise earlier this month. One of them, Grey Sails, is included in the Sunset River Marketplace show.

Suzanne Ellett has found her artistic niche in the unique beauty of the Carolina coast. Her love of sand, surf and art has come together in her watercolor presentations of coastal scenes. Her pieces are thoughts on the world that surrounds us. In addition to her sunrises, sunsets and other coastal views of the Caroline shore, she is constantly at the easel capturing the unique Carolina shore scenes that see this area and its people and building with eyes that love.

Babs Ludwick is a watercolor artist who is known for her openness to exploring new media. She brings a highly creative vision and an innovative approach to her colorful and thought evoking art. The paintings Ludwick creates in acrylic, charcoal, collage and watercolor are art pieces that also happen to be a joy to view. Her motto is “Do what makes your heart beat.” When she is not painting, Ludwick enjoys quilting, quilling, and shag dancing with her singer/songwriter husband, Calabash Flash.

Since opening in 2002, Sunset River Marketplace has become an active supporter of performing, literary and visual arts in the area. The 10,000 square-foot gallery features work by over 200 North and South Carolina artists. The on-site pottery studio has two kilns and three wheels for use by students. Ongoing oil, pastel and watercolor classes are also provided, in addition to workshops by nationally known artists. A framing department offers full-service, on-site custom frame design.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 910/575-5999 or visit (www.sunsetrivermarketplace.com).

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