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November 2013

TC Arts Council in Brevard, NC, Features Works by Christine Kosiba and Shannon Whitworth

TC Arts Council in Brevard, NC, is presenting Isis, an art exhibit by Christine Kosiba and Shannon Whitworth, on view through Nov. 8, 2013, sponsored by Ladene & Russell Newton.

Isis, one of the most important deities of ancient Greece is a powerful muse for Kosiba and Whitworth’s show. This is their first showing together and Kosiba’s ceramic sculptures and Whitworth’s ethereal paintings speak to this inspiration.

Daughter of Geb, god of earth, and Nut, goddess of sky, Isis is the embodiment of balance and nature. She is often depicted as a winged goddess and her story tells of a time that she took the shape of a sparrow-hawk and fanned life back into her dead husband Osiris’ body. Isis represents the archetype of devoted wife and mother. She was also known as a powerful leader who advocated for the common man. Hence, she is deservedly seen as the divine feminine. She is the mother of Life as well as the crone of Death. Isis is a reminder to the continuum of our existence as well as our connectedness to the natural world. She is of earth and sky, life and death. She is balance.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Council at 828/884-2787 or visit (www.artsofbrevard.org).

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