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January Issue 2011

Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy in Charlotte Offers Exhibition of Works by Ann Conner

Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy in Charlotte, NC, will present an exhibit of works by Ann Conner, on view from Jan. 10 through Feb. 25, 2011.

Conner is a nationally acclaimed artist known for her distinctive color woodcuts. She lives and works in Wilmington, NC. Using non-endangered native wood and brilliant color palettes, Conner creates colorful, conceptual woodcuts that employ the intrinsic grain of the wood.

"Working in woodcut always is a challenge as the grain of the wood is so captivating. My images are, in many ways, a response to this. I like working with the natural material wood, however using it in a high-tech manner. Woodcut is the oldest form of printmaking, and it continues to have relevance for me. I approach the medium nontraditionally by drawing mechanical images with a high-speed power chisel. Woodcut is a traditional art form. In my work however you will not see the gouges and cuts typical of woodcut. I try to conceal the process," says Conner.

This exhibition features her Park suite. The series evokes an East/West sensibility. Carved as straight drawings-in-wood, with a Spirograph (except Park 1 which was drawn with a compass), the prints are Western/American in being centered images in halves, thirds, or quarters of the blocks, literally drawn into the wood, and carved with a power chisel. Printed on dyed, Asian papers, Thai Unryu, Thai Chiri, and Natsume, the images take on an Eastern sensibility and content. The ephemeral is captured in the corpulent. Recalling Oriental-hanging screens, they call the viewer to contemplation. They are a paradox of density and fragility, a blend of Asian and American influences. Conner chose the suite's title because of its subliminal Oriental sound.

In addition to extensive exhibitions, Conner's work is included in over forty major museum and corporate print collections in the US and internationally, including The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco; Equitable Center, NY; Colorado Springs; Equitable Life Midwestern, Chicago; New York Public Library; Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; The Library of Congress, Washington, DC; List Visual Arts Center, MIT; Credit Suisse First Boston, London; and Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC.

The gallery is open by appointment Tue. through Sat.

For further info check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/334-3799 or visit (www.hodgestaylor.com).


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