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January Issue 2011

Jerald Melberg Gallery Features Works by Wolf Kahn

Jerald Melberg Gallery in Charlotte, NC, is presenting the exhibit, Wolf Kahn: The Early Years, featuring early works dating between 1950-1970 by this distinguished American landscape painter, on view through Feb. 5, 2011.

This exhibition marks the first time the gallery has been invited to delve into the artist's archives on such a grand scale. Included will be over 50 paintings and pastels from this fascinating period.

Kahn's early works reveal strong influences by artists such as Bonnard, Matisse, Monet, Soutine and Van Gogh. Kahn himself often cites Hans Hofmann as his most influential mentor and teacher, incorporating many of Hofmann's principles of chromatic tension and movement in his own painting. Kahn says, "I've always been a landscape painter, and I love the tradition of landscape, with artists like van Ruisdael, Rembrandt and his landscapes, Poussin, Lorraine. These people painted a landscape that carries an immense load of pictorial intelligence."

The gallery will publish a 48-page, full-color catalogue with an essay by John O'Hern to accompany this exhibition. O'Hern writes, "These paintings from the 50s and 60s, pivotal periods of his life in Italy and Maine, are the base for the wildly colorful paintings we admire today and in their (for the most part) monochromatic essence, unmistakably brim with the energy of the man who said 'Color that has been used successfully does not draw attention to itself. It makes you discover.'"

For further info check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/365-3000 or visit (www.jeraldmelberg.com).


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