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January Issue 2011

Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, Celebrates 25 Years with Exhibition of Works by Nina Liu

Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, will commemorate the start of its twenty-fifth year with an exhibition of work by gallery owner Nina Liu. The exhibition, entitled, At Twenty-five, will be on view from Jan. 2 - 31, 2011.

Liu has worked in a variety of media during her career, with her most recent work focusing on ceramics. At Twenty-five will feature functional and fine art pieces that have the look of objects that have been excavated from the earth. In these bowls, plates, plaques, and other pieces, Liu works with both clay and glass, bringing these kindred media together in ways that delight the eye. Work by other gallery artists also will appear in At Twenty-five.

In addition to showcasing Liu's work to highlight its twenty-fifth anniversary, the gallery will celebrate this milestone with a special sale on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011. Customers who make a purchase on that day will receive a discount of twenty-five percent on their total purchase. (The offer does not apply to previous purchases, to purchases made after the close of business on Jan. 25, 2011, or to applicable taxes and shipping.)

Liu first came to Charleston for a show at The Quilt Shop, which at the time was behind Baker's Café in late March of 1985 and was taken by the city. "Not only was it beautiful, but it smelled wonderful because of all of the spring flowers. That was when I said to myself 'some day I am going to live here'" said Liu. In 1986 everything fell into place when she looked at a building up for sale, the historic Poinsett House at 24 State Street, and said "this is my house."

Before moving to Charleston, Liu lived in Iowa City, IA, for nine years. She was enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Iowa in her last years there. "Before moving to Iowa City I had lived in New Orleans, LA, where I had a gallery called Alternatives, for nine years," adds Liu. "At Alternatives we had exhibits and offered art classes. I also started an arts program in the New Orleans public school system, and the school in which I was working became a school of the arts."

Twenty Five years later Liu's gallery is a centerpiece of the Charleston visual art community.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings or call the gallery at 843/722-2724.


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