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January Issue 2011

Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Adds a Few New Artists to Annual Square Works Exhibition

Response to the 6th Annual Holiday Square Works Invitational Exhibition introduced by Providence Gallery, in Charlotte, NC, held in December was so overwhelming; the gallery has included more artists and added additional original artworks. The expanded exhibit will be on display from Jan. 1 - 30, 2011. Two contemporary artists now being featured include Portia York and Natalie Bork.

Fiber and mixed media artist Portia York explains her affinity for soft textured materials such as, yarn, thread, lace and fabric of all kinds defining their symbolism in her art as representative of, "positive energy, freedom and peace during the creative process." Brooches, buttons and beads are other signature elements commonly found in her wall art.

Many of York's artworks convey a specific social message. Her recent projects entail creating works that are thought provoking, with the end goal being to galvanize people to think and act in ways that promote self and social awareness, action and change. In the featured piece, The Color Line, York has crocheted segments of yarn in several varying shades from cream to dark brown to symbolize the range of human skin tones. A note from the artist hangs with the piece, questioning the viewer: "Is skin color still an issue in this country or has the controversy subsided? Is it still considered 'better' to be lighter than a brown paper bag? Is there still contention amongst African-Americans of varying shades and skin tones? What about African-Americans vs. other people of color - of varying skin tones? What about Caucasians vs. African-Americans, or Caucasians vs. any person of color from varying ethnicities and nationalities? How does this divide help solve poverty in the world, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, domestic violence, cancer, etc.?"

The work of abstractionist painter Natalie Bork is also featured. Her focus on process and technique allows the inherit qualities of her chosen media to come through in her colorful, highly texturized compositions. Bork studied art at Buffalo State College in New York, and then went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. She has continued her studies at Winthrop, recently receiving her Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting.

In addition to her studio work, Bork teaches fine arts at the prestigious Charlotte Country Day School. Her distinct artistic style has earned recognition for her artwork in galleries and among private collectors in her native Buffalo, NY, and in cities throughout the southeast including Charlotte, Savannah and Atlanta.

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