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January Issue 2011

Riverworks Gallery in Greenville, SC, Offers Works by Jeanine Cesaro Garrett

The RIVERWORKS Gallery, located at Art Crossing along the Reedy River in Greenville, SC, will present the exhibit, Little White Lies, featuring works by Jeanine Cesaro Garrett, on view from Jan. 7 through Feb. 18, 2011. An opening reception will be held on Jan. 7, 2011, during Greenville's First Friday, from 6-9pm.

Little white lies innocuous fibs? Not in the hands of Jeanine Cesaro Garrett. Garrett sees these lies as treacherous, societal expectations that produce individual frustration, disappointment and guilt. She has constructed her sculpture from everyday, domestic objects. These domestic objects have been recreated through modeling or molding or have been recontextualized from the home into the gallery. Through her sculpture, Garrett questions the constant struggle to maintain the Super-Mom ideal. She encourages all viewers to question the frustration, disappointment and guilt of cultural ideals. The works in Little White Lies are visually alluring while being pervasive and looming.

Garrett initially graduated from Clemson University as a mechanical engineer. She later changed directions and began studying art at Greenville Technical College. Garrett completed a BFA at Converse College and then a MFA at Clemson. She currently teaches at Tri-County Technical College and lives in Clemson, SC, with her daughter.

RIVERWORKS Gallery is a small art gallery operated by and for the faculty and students from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Greenville Technical College. The gallery is located at 300 River Street, Suite 202, along the scenic Reedy River at Art Crossing in downtown Greenville.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/271-0679 or e-mail to (fleming.markel@gvltec.edu).


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