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January 2011

Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken, SC, Offers Works by John Glave, Jr.

The Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken, SC, will present a solo exhibit of works by SC photographer John Glave, Jr., on view in the Aiken Artist Guild Gallery from Jan. 2 - 30, 2012. A reception will be held on Jan. 12, from 6-8pm.

Glave’s current work is based on minimal editing and cropping. “I choose instead to compose/capture structure, textures and color through the lens - sort of a “what you see is what you get” philosophy. I rely on the richness of the many technical variables and adjustments of the digital camera to render realism back into my images, which the mind and eye accomplish automatically when viewing an actual scene,” the artist explains.

After studying black and white photography while an art student in Buffalo, NY, Glave continued with his technical pursuits of photography working periscope reconnaissance photography as a collateral duty aboard various submarines of the US Navy Atlantic Fleet until retirement in 1986. He began experimenting with digital point and shoot cameras while working in the New Mexico desert but quickly shifted to full digital capability when transferred to the high desert of southeast Idaho in 2008.

While in Idaho, Glave studied landscape, wildlife and stock photography with the staff of Points of Light Studio in Idaho Falls. “In the future I intend to explore the fascinating capabilities of High Dynamic Range Photography to gain further realism and detail.” Glave states.

Currently, Glave’s portfolio consists of approximately 11,000 images of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. The landscapes, architectural and wildlife moments were taken in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, The Camas Bird Refuge, Market Lake and areas in Utah. Looking to the future the artist says, “My next area of interest now in progress is the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina and Georgia.”

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 803/641-9094 or visit (www.aikencenterforthearts.org). For info about the Aiken Artist Guild call 803/648-8344 or visit (www.aikenartistguild.org).

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